Cheesecake Filling 1 kg

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This is a completely natural product that is preservative, colourant and flavouring-free. It owes its unique velvety texture to cream cheese and curd cheese blended in perfect proportions and 18% fat content. which makes it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. It makes an ideal base for light and airy cheesecakes as well as other cakes and desserts. It works well in dumplings and pancakes.

  • Natural flavour

  • Simple ingredients

  • Perfect fat content


Cream cheese, Curd cheese.

Nutritional value in 100 g:

204 kcal 846 kJ


8 g


18 g Including saturated fats 12 g


Calories Protein Fat
Fat 18 g
including saturated fats 12 g
Carbohydrates 3,2 g
including sugars 2,6 g
Salt 0,08 g

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