Quality comes from the land.

Our regional dairy cooperative is based in the village of Piątnica, located on the River Narew near the city of Łomża. It’s a place where time flows unhurriedly like a river. Which is why we are able to keep a close eye on everything we do. We are committed to making the best out of milk. We nurture good relations with our neighbours and local cow breeders. We always find time to have a family meal and sometimes watch elk treading through the reeds.


From the bucolic countryside

Best flavours from the banks of the River Narew

The village of Piątnica neighbours the Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley. The wild river spills and overflows the surrounding area, making it verdantly green. It’s an environmentally pristine region of Poland. It’s a place where cows graze on pastures and we source our milk from them.

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Breakfast is a must

You need to eat in the morning,
so grab a spoon and tuck in!

There is a lot of goodness in milk, and we make sure it stays this way. And we also want to give you a head start as you greet another day. No matter if you’re headed for the office or out canoeing, breakfast is a must. And a decent breakfast is all about tried and tested products. You can rely on our milk, butter, cheeses, fromage frais and yoghurt just like millions of Poles who have trusted them for years. So, what will you have for breakfast tomorrow morning?


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