Piątnica is located 2 km away from the city of Łomża in Podlaskie Province. The traditions of the Podlasie, Mazovia and Kurpie regions merge on the banks of the River Narew. We appreciate the value of the region and respect our cultural heritage. This is also why our products have always been and will remain natural.

From the real countryside, nature

This is where we source our wholesome milk: from environmentally pristine areas nestled in the catchment area of the Narew and Biebrza Rivers. Our area is home to the Biebrza National Park, the Biebrza National Park, the Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley and the wilderness of the Kurpie Zielone region, dotted with nature reserves.

We cooperate with farms scattered around the area and make sure they meet the most stringent quality standards.

We believe that organic means smart

We reduce the impact of the dairy plant on the natural environment in many different ways. We have optimised energy and water consumption, and benefit from our own, highly efficient water treatment plant.

We obtain and implement the latest certificates that confirm our respect for the outstanding natural value of the region. We operate in line with the ISO 14001 certificate, which means that we enjoy the status of a company that does business in a way that supports environmental protection. We want to operate in even greater harmony with nature, because we are aware of the importance of ecology. This has always been a priority.